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In France, the university system is essential to research. At the University of Rouen Normandy, alongside our duty to share and impart knowledge, we also contribute to knowledge-building through our research activities. Thanks to our research lecturers, students receive the best possible education as the courses are taught by people who also work in our research units.

The University of Rouen Normandy promotes interregional research by developing numerous scientific partnerships, which have gained national and international acclaim in many fields.

We partake in numerous international projects in partnership with institutions in over 41 countries, though most are in Italy, the UK and Germany.

Giving our research an international reach is important to us as we strive for scientific excellence on the national and European scene. Our Europe and International Office supports research development at URN. The office is tasked with advising on strategies for financing and developing new European and international research projects in keeping with our policy. It also supervises projects and supports the different actions implemented at each project stage, by helping with research financing formalities, any negotiation processes, research project and contract drafting, and so on.

Research at the University of Rouen Normandy is structured around three main study areas and is the driving force behind scientific collaboration:

  • Chemistry, Biology, Health
  • Humanities, Culture, Societies
  • Materials, Energy, Digital, Environment

Euraxess Centre

Logo Euraxess France

EURAXESS France is a member of the European Commission’s EURAXESS network, which groups together 500 service centres that help international researchers across 40 countries. The network’s aim is to promote research as a career by providing information on research career options throughout Europe, personalised help for researchers moving from one place to another, information on the rights and commitments of researchers, and research organisations. The University of Rouen Normandy has officially been a member of the EURAXESS network since July 2018.

Welcoming research lecturers and doctoral students

The University of Rouen Normandy receives research lecturers from foreign universities or research institutions all year round thanks to our research units.

We actively welcome visiting research lecturers and finance around 30 stays of up to one month every year. The research lecturers we invite participate in research activities, seminars and multidisciplinary public conferences, and teach on the courses at the university.

Every year we also enrol about 50 doctoral students from around 20 different countries, with international co-tutoring for their thesis.

HRS4R label : The Human Resources Strategy for Researchers

Contact for doctoral students: drv.pole-ed@univ-rouen.fr
Contact for researchers: drv.pole-recherche@univ-rouen.fr
Euraxess Centre: euraxess-urn@univ-rouen.fr