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A visa is an official document issued by the competent authorities of a country. It must be presented by a foreign visitor when they enter the country for which the visa applies. Depending on the country and its laws, visas are required either for all visitors from other countries, or according to the visitor’s nationality.

It is a prerequisite for entering and staying in a country for a set period of time. However, it is not a guarantee as border authorities in certain countries may refuse to give a foreign visitor permission to enter their country, even if the visitor has a valid visa.

For more information: https://france-visas.gouv.fr/en_US/web/france-visas

International Students / Degree-seeking Students

Espace Monde is an organisation that helps international students interested in studying at the University of Rouen Normandy but not registered at another university or on a student exchange programme. With the help of Espace Monde‘s friendly and supportive staff, students can prepare properly for their stay here in Rouen and settle smoothly into life at the University of Rouen Normandy. More specifically, Espace Monde helps students with all aspects of the university application process, like giving advice and information on passing French language exams, CROUS student housing, obtaining financial support from the CAF and finding your way around the city.

For more information: http://international.univ-rouen.fr/espace-monde-153130.kjsp

If you are on an exchange programme, please check out the Exchange Students section.

How to apply

To enrol on a Bachelor’s (Licence) or Master’s degree course at the University of Rouen Normandy, potential applicants must have their French Baccalauréat or equivalent (DAP – see below) and have a minimum level of B2 in French.

  • Students who do not have the French Baccalauréat and wish to enrol on a French Bachelor’s degree course must complete a Demande d’Admission Préalable – DAP (Preliminary Admission Request) exam before admission.

For more information: http://www.enseignementsup-recherche.gouv.fr

  • For applicants who need French language competency certificates, the DELF/DALF exams can be taken in your home country.

For more information about the DELF exam: http://www.ciep.fr

  • For applicants who have little experience of the French language, have recently begun learning French, or would like to start learning the language, we offer up to two years of preparatory language classes. Students can register for intensive French language classes at the university’s Centre de Langues. This gives non-French speakers who would like to enrol at the University of Rouen Normandy an opportunity to get up to speed in terms language, culture and social etiquette before embarking on a Bachelor’s or Master’s course. Signing up to this preparatory option also gives international students time to adjust to the Normandy region, explore the city, learn about its history, and join various societies and sports clubs.

Centre de Langues
Bâtiment 7C
17 rue Lavoisier
76821 MONT SAINT AIGNAN Cedex, France
Contact: centredelangues@univ-rouen.fr

How to register

International students registering for the first time at the University of Rouen Normandy need to go to Espace Monde’s one-stop office (Building B4 – Michel Serres – entrance hall) on the Mont-Saint-Aignan campus.

Here are the different steps for completing your registration:

  1. Before registering at the University of Rouen Normandy, you need to provide a receipt proving that you have paid your CVEC (student and campus life contribution) fees, which is issued by the CROUS from 1 July.
    You will find all the information you need by clicking on the following links: http://www.crous-normandie.fr/crous/cvec-contribution-vie-etudiante-de-campus/ or cvec.etudiant.gouv.fr
  2. Register in person at the Espace Monde one-stop office
  3. Medical check-up (optional)
  4. Enrol on your course (via your personal online workspace (ENT))
  5. Open a Multipass account (via your personal online workspace (ENT))
  6. Create your student card: Léocarte (via your personal online workspace (ENT))

Exchange students

Over 300 students are accepted on an exchange programme every year at the University of Rouen Normandy! URN has partnerships with over 239 universities, giving the student population a very international feel. Exchange programme agreements signed with other universities include:

  • Erasmus
  • BCI-PÉÉ – an exchange programme between France and Québec (Canada)

For first semester and/or full year exchanges, the application deadline is 1 June. For students applying for the second semester, the application deadline is 1 November.

For more information and to apply: http://international.univ-rouen.fr/etudiants-en-echange-519277.kjsp

How to apply

  1. Check that your university is partnered with the University of Rouen Normandy. To do this, contact the international office at your university and ask what the procedure is (form, prerequisites, application submission dates, study period, etc.).
  2. Once you have completed all the formalities, your university will let you know if your request to study in Rouen has been accepted.
  3. If it has, congratulations! We will get in touch with you and send you the forms you need to fill in, such as: your Learning Agreement, your student accommodation application, an information sheet.
  4. A letter of acceptance will be sent to you as soon as your application has been confirmed.

Please note: we would like to remind all students wishing to come to the University of Rouen Normandy that most of the lectures and seminars are given in French. Your French therefore needs to be relatively good for your studies to be a success.

Below is a list of all the lecturers representing each department in the context of exchange programmes (Arts, Medicine, Law, Economics, etc.) You may contact them to receive the list of lectures and seminars given: http://international.univ-rouen.fr/etudiants-en-echange-519277.kjsp (click on Liste des coordinateurs pédagogiques on the right).

How to register

Before you arrive, you will be offered an appointment to register at the university. When you get here, you will need to go to the Direction des Relations Internationales et de la Coopération (international office) at the appointed date and time.

Espace Michel Serres, 2nd floor
Rue Thomas Becket
76821 MONT SAINT AIGNAN Cedex, France

Once you have registered at the university, you will need to go to your faculty’s department office to register for your course.