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Tél : +33 2 35 14 63 89
Tél (N° privé) : (+33) 2 35 14 63 89

Bureau 2 : Lab. LITIS EA 4108 1er étage bât Monod n°22

Resp. spécialité BioInforMatique du Master BioSciences

Disciplines enseignées

Molecular genetics, genomics and applied bioinformatics for BSc and MSc program: - High-throughput technologies for omics sciences: genome mapping and sequencing, transcriptome sequencing, array technologies, NGS. - Bioinformatics analysis: international resources in bioinformatics (main data bases, genome browsers), structural and functional annotation of genomes and proteomes, sequence comparison and multiple alignment, genome evolution and comparative genomics, NGS data analysis.

Thèmes de recherche

My activity of research has evolved in different periods since 1989. Gradually, through biological topics going from immunopathology in human, from the vegetal cell wall growth in the flax model with wet experimental approaches, I'm now interesting in genomics with bioinformatic and statistical methods. Bioinformatics and genome analysis: - NGS and developemnt of new bioinformatics tools - DNA-seq: exome analysis and functional annotation of genetics variations - RNA-seq: differential gene analysis and functional annotation.


  • Summary
I'm an Assistant Professor in the Department of Biology at the University of Rouen (Normandy, France), since September 1994. Starting with new courses in plant biotechnology and immunology, my current courses are in molecular genetics, genomics and applied bioinformatics for BSc and MSc program. Since 1999 I am the director of the Bioinformatics MSc of University of Rouen, hence contributing to the education effort of engineers and researchers in genomics and bioinformatics for prominent institutions in France, in Europe and Canada.

Before that, I graduated with a BSc and MSc in Biochemistry, from University of Rouen (1987) and from the University of Paris VI (1988) respectively, with a major in Immunology (best of my year). I conducted my graduate training and PhD in Immunopathology at the University of Rouen as a fellow of the Research and Technology French Ministery and I received my PhD in 1993. Using biochemical, cellular and clinical approaches, I studied differential expression of the alternative pathway complement system proteins in activation of the vascular endothelium during inflammation and their control by synthetic glucocorticoid.
Then, as assistant professor I joined in 1994 a plant biology laboratory in Rouen University, developing molecular approaches in order to clone and to explore the expression of pectine methylesterase genes during cell wall growth in the flax model. In parallel of wet experimental approaches, I started gradually a transversal approach to conduct functionnal explorations of this multigenic family with bioinformatics methods.
Since 2001, I joined informatician and statistician researchers to form a pluridisciplinary research team in comparative genomics area, especially studying the dynamics and plasticity of the genomes. Arabidopsis was especially our genome model. I participated to develop a convivial multi-tools platform and new algorithmics and statistical methods dedicated to the detection of tandem and dispersed repeats in completely sequenced genomes.
Since 2010, Next Generation Sequencing and data analysis are central of my activities. Collaborative research programs in my computer team (LITIS-TIBS) with biomedical labs (IRIB-HN), focuse on the development of innovating user-friendly analytic tools for NGS data analysis, annotation and interpretation (human Exome-Seq for variant calling and plant mRNA-Seq) to support biomedical labs efforts (cancer, genetics, neuropsychiatric, algae), towards translational genomics and predictive, preventive and personalized clinical care. EVA (Exome Variation Analyser, 2012) is a friendly interfaced tool for filtering strategies in medical genomics. It has been successfully identify a candidate gene in a rare form of Alzeihmer disease. FunEVA, HExoSplice are others bioinformatics tools in development focusing on genetic variation interpretations (2014).  GC-VC/DGE (2014) focuses on the concordance analysis of NGS pipeline tools  for DNA-seq (Variant Calling) and RNA-seq (DGE).
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  • Fonctions
- Depuis 1998 : Responsable du Master BioInforMatique en alternance et apprentissage de l'Université de Rouen.
- Depuis 1994 : Enseignante-chercheure au Département de Biologie de la Faculté des Sciences et Techniques de l'Université de Rouen.
- 1992-1994: Attachée Temporaire d'Enseignement et de Recherche (ATER), département de Biologie, Université de Rouen.
- 1990-1992: Monitrice-Allocataire de Recherche du Ministère de la Recherche et de Technologie, département de Biologie, Université de Rouen.
  • Titres universitaires
- 1993 : Doctorat de Biologie Cellulaire et Moléculaire, spécialité Immunologie. "Le système du complément et la cellule endothéliale: biosynthèse in vitro des protéines de la voie alterne et activation pathologique au cours des vascularites leucocytoclasiques", soutenu le 9 Septembre 1993 à l'U78 de l'INSERM "Complément et Inflammation" (Dir. Dr M. Fontaine), Université de Rouen. (Rapporteurs: Pr M. Kazatchkine et Dr J. Wietzerbin. Président Jury : Pr F. Tron)
- 1989 : DEA de Biologie Cellulaire, spécialité Immunologie, Université de Rouen
- 1988 : Maîtrise de Biochimie et Immunologie, UPMC Paris VI
- 1987 : Licence de Biochimie et Microbiologie, Université de Rouen

Informations Complémentaires

  • Activités électives
- Membre élu au conseil de perfectionnement du Centre de Formation par Apprentissage de l'Université de Rouen (depuis 2010);
- Membre élu du conseil du département de Biologie (2008-2012);
- Membre de plusieurs comités de sélection aux concours MCU 64è (depuis 2009);
- Membre élu de la commission de spécialistes 64-65ème section (2 mandats);
- Membre élu du conseil scientifique de l'UFR Sciences et Techniques (2 mandats)
- Membre élu du conseil scientifique de l'Université de Rouen (2 mandats);
- Porteuse du projet et initiatrice de la mission "Egalité des chances entre les femmes et les hommes" à l'université de Rouen (Projet FSE- MRT).
  • Organisation de Rencontres scientifiques
- 2014: membre du comité scientifique ECCB
- 2004-2005-2007 : Organisation des rencontres internationales BIM-IT (BioInforMatics International Tour du Master de BioInforMatique)", Genève-Lausanne (CH), Cambridge (UK, Washington (USA);
- 2007 : Organisation forum" Activités innovantes, jeunes pousses et bioinformatique", Rouen ;
- 2006: Organisation du Workshop ENSEMBL(EBI), Rouen;
- 2005 : membre du comité scientifique des JOBIM (Journées Ouvertes Biologie Informatique Mathématiques), de la Société Française de BioInformatique (SFBI), Lyon.
  • Actions de vulgarisation scientifique
- Sciences en fêtes
- Conférences en lycée et parrainages
- Conférence interne à l'Université de Rouen ("30 min pour comprendre")

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